VR example

I started working with virtual reality development at Laerdal a few months ago. I watched a lot of youtube videos about VR in unity lately.

I found the videos by Justin Barnett especially instructive.

He’s video about teleportation was missing how to do a rotation as part of the thumbstick teleport like in Half-life Alyx for instance.

I figured out a solution and since he called on his viewers to find the solution I made a small example project showing it off.

The example shows off VR direct interactors with some grabbable cubes on a table. Pressing the thumbstick up engages the teleport ray interactor of the controller. The teleport reticle can then be rotated while holding the thumbstick to select a new orientation. The teleport is done when the thumbstick is retuned to center.

The project can be found on my github.

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