Curriculum Vitae

Hans-Henrik Jensen

Software Developer at NDS Denmark





Broad experience with Agile software development through many agile projects.

2 years experience with games development in 3-6 person teams taking around 2-3 months each.

Experience with low level development on set top boxes in C.

Flash development on OONA UI demo for International Broadcasters Conference 2009.

Web development in HTML/Javascript and ASP.NET MVC2.

5+ years experience with C++ and Pure C.

12+ years experience with programming in general.

Experience with Flash, Javascript, C#, Python, Java


Work: Small Team Games development, Agile.

University: Physically Based Simulation, 3D Computer Graphics, Object Oriented Programming.


Game programming, software architecture, low level programming, high performance programming.

Age: 33

Driver’s license (B)


2007 – 2010 Internal Agile training at NDS. 3 year experience with Agile through work on agile projects big and small.
2001 – 2006 Master’s degree in civil engineering from The Technical University of Denmark, Infomatics specialization.

First independent project was about simulation of water in real-time using SPH.

Master’s project was about real-time soft body simulation of car crash deformation.

1996 – 2001 Electrical engineering studies at The Technical University of Denmark
1993 – 1996 Student from Ordrup Gymnasium
2008 – 2010 Software Developer at NDS Denmark

Major contributor to some of the last new games created for Turner US, i.e.”Billy & Mandy: Vortex of Woe”. C development on NDS’s new middleware. Flash development on the OONA demo presented at the IBC’09 conference. HTML/Javascript Video-on-demand front end. ASP.NET MVC2 development.

2007 – 2008 Associate Software Developer at NDS Denmark

C programming (OpenTV) on interactive TV games for Sky Games and Turner TV US. Experience with Agile.

2003 – 2006 IT tech for Konsulentgruppen

Various tech support tasks

1. Okt 02 – 1. Feb 03 Forlaget Benjamin

Tech supporter

Danish Native
English Fluent
German Elementary
Games, Programming, Movies, Books, Inactive ham radio operator
Gymnastics, Running, Swimming, Skiing, Aikido, Badminton, Windsurfing, Rollerblading

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