VR example

I started working with virtual reality development at Laerdal a few months ago. I watched a lot of youtube videos about VR in unity lately.

I found the videos by Justin Barnett especially instructive.

He’s video about teleportation was missing how to do a rotation as part of the thumbstick teleport like in Half-life Alyx for instance.

I figured out a solution and since he called on his viewers to find the solution I made a small example project showing it off.

The example shows off VR direct interactors with some grabbable cubes on a table. Pressing the thumbstick up engages the teleport ray interactor of the controller. The teleport reticle can then be rotated while holding the thumbstick to select a new orientation. The teleport is done when the thumbstick is retuned to center.

The project can be found on my github.

Very important before using a mouse in OS X

I hate mouse acceleration with a vengeance !

Unfortunately there’s no user friendly way to disable it in OS X preferences.

Luckily the internet is full of smart people and by running this line in Terminal you can be free of it

defaults write .GlobalPreferences com.apple.mouse.scaling -1



This line will put it back ..

defaults write .GlobalPreferences com.apple.mouse.scaling 1

I’m still alive

I’ve started doing gymnastics.

It seems doing handstands has the side effect of straightening up ones posture :)

I’ve started on a new project at work that’s done in javascript.. I hate javascript..

That’s all the idle i can muster at this time.

I’ll write more in another year if you’re lucky.

Well i was hacked…

I didn’t get around to keeping wordpress up to date and finally the punishment came when someone hacked the site adding lots of nasty links to my posts.

Luckily some benevolent guy sent me this email:

Subj: Your blog’s version is old and has been hacked. Update ASAP!

Regarding www.hhjensen.eu,

This email is not an April’s fools email and it has been sent to notify you that your blog’s version is old and needs to be updated ASAP as it was hacked.

While tracking some Viagra spammers I have come accross several links coming from your blog and, after testing it, it appears your blog is 2.1.* generation hence vulnerable to SQL injection blind-fishing attacks. Search Google to learn more. In a few words: spammers can take full control of your blog in a matter of minutes and deface it at will.

These attacks are as serious as they can get as the spammers have full access to your blog and add hidden HTML elements to mask their links.

You MUST update your blog to the latest official WordPress version and manually clean your last 5-10 posts of the parasite links which you will only see in HTML view.

Not doing so may attract severe search engine penalties as you are currently linking to sites with VERY bad reputation.

Hoping you will take required action,
A.S.S. (Anonymous Security Specialist)

PS: I got your email address from your Dashboard / Users Management Section. I have warned many during the past months regarding the vulnerable blogs, being a blogger myself, but it seems I haven’t warned everyone. Lateste WordPress is secure.

PPS: Your login name is admin and password hash is 90eef6ccd860baaa2d1476c024f06034

So this blog is now updated to 2.5 and hopefully i got rid of all the nasty links.

Thanks A.S.S. :)

Nordic Game Jam 2008

Segregation game
I participated in Nordic Game Jam 2008 from in the weekend 2.-3. of February, which is about making a game in 48 hours. Once you subtract time for sleep, eating and general setup, however, you are only left with about 20 hours to actually get work done.

I wasn’t actually didn’t intend to participate, but went there to greet the other people of the danish games industry i know. Once i got there, however, i got caught up in the excitement and got in a group with a good friend from Zero Point Soft, a few of his colleagues and 4 other talented people.

In the end we had managed to make a mouse driven arcade game which is about trying to keep nuns and muslim women apart before they get into a fight.

We were awarded the audience award by popular vote among all the people participating in the event, so that made us quite happy :)

My good friend Jon Lauridsen has made a nice summary of the process on his blog site.

My new job.

NDS global homepage

Time flies..
I started working at NDS denmark two months ago on the 2nd of april. It’s a global company that mainly specializes in secure content delivery i.e. make sure that people who paid get what they paid for and people that didn’t pay don’t get anything.

NDS iTVThe Danish part of the company specialize in making games and other interactive applications that run on the kind of set-top-boxes you get with digital sattelite television.

So far I’ve been working on the OpenTV platform, but the company also develops for many other platforms including their own MediaHighway used by DirectTV in the US.

I think the job environment is great and I’ve only had good experiences with the collegues so far. :)

Ham radio

I’d almost forgotten that i used to dabble with ham radio in my late teens. By googling my callsign OZ2HHJ i found a funny old bulletin board post i sent out in ’96 when i was playing around with packet-radio, linux and tcp/ip over radio.

Funny stuff. That’s all for now and as they say in ham radio:

Ú´Name : Hans Henrik JensenÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´QTH : Charlottenlund, DenmarkÃÄÄÄÄÄ¿
³ ÛÛÛÛÛÛÜ ÛÛÛÛÛÛÜ Þ                           Ý                               ³
³    ÜÛÛß   ÜÜÜÛÛ Ý   Soft : TSTHost 1.41.    Þ   Station : Kenwood TR-9000   ³
³   ÛÛß     ßßßÛÛ Þ   PC   : 386dx33 8 Mb.    Ý   Antenna : J-ant             ³
³   ÛÛ    ÛÛÛÛÛÛß Ý                           Þ                               ³

All the crappy chars used to be ascii lineart but it seems the wear of time and various character formats have taken their toll on it.